Ladies and Gentlemen,

Being established on September 24, 2001 but in actual, The 2-9 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience since being 2-9 Fire prevention and Fire fighting Equipment Premises that was established in 1993, the Company is specializing in consulting, designing and supplying, installing the Fire prevention and Fire fighting systems of civil and industrial projects.

Our customers have been being satisfied with quality and schedule of works we executed. In fact, our service and products meet the strictest requirements with UM/FM approval from our partners even if the countries they come from, America, Europe or in the Asian area. Not only our products present in territory of Vietnam, but they also extend to abroad such as Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar...

Proud to say that awarding contract, our customers trust us completely, and in turn, we determine on maintaining the belief we received. In co-operation with you through the project, we would like to offer feeling of comfortable and easy.

Vu Duc Sang - Chairman and Director